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Pasta Class Florence

Pasta cooking class in Florence

We are a young team of professionals  with work experience in gourmet and Michelin-starred restaurants,

in Italy and around the world.

Our Aim is to share with you our Love for Italian

gastronomic culture.

Find out our services and enjoy the beauty of Florence.

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Everything You Need

We offer a unique experience where you will learn the essence of the Italian food culture. 
Our chefs have worked in some of the best restaurants in Italy and around the world.
We can't wait to meet you and share our passion for the Italian food.


Wine Tour in 5 Glasses

The wine class

We are going to discover the most unique and tasty Italian wines in just 5 glasses. First, we will introduce how to taste the wine and recognize its subtleties. Next, we will calibrate our senses to be able to better recognize different fragrances and flavors. You will smell different scents and flavors from a jar which include vanilla, dried fruits, tobacco, and berries. We will then guide you to find the same flavor in the glasses of wine.​


Learn the art of pasta

Authentic Recipe

I learned everything from my grandma, a true pasta maker from Emilia Romagna (Bologna city). After many years in Michelin star restaurants as a chef, I decided to open my pasta workshop in the heart of Florence to share my love for Italian cuisine. During the cooking class, you will immerse yourself in an authentic experience of the magical world of pasta.


You will learn how to prepare different sauces to make 3-4 pasta dishes! In the end, we will enjoy together the goodies that you guys prepared with your own hands! With a glass of wine, of course!


We can't wait to share with you more about

Pasta world!



Book Now

Book Now

Everything You Need

Book your experience with Italian food culture.

Don't let this wonderful experience pass you by.

About Us

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Pasta Lovers

Pasta Class Florence is a top rated pasta workshop base in the heart of Florence.

We are offering classes where you will have the chance to learn authentic pasta recipes in a friendly environment.

We can't wait to host you and to share with you our passion for Italian Pasta!

Chef-Founder | Pasta Teacher

Michele Gualtieri

 My Grandma taught me all I know about the Italian food tradition. She was born in Bologna, home of the authentic hand-made fresh pasta. 

After many years in gourmet restaurants, I got bored of Michelin starts and decided to go back to the basics… Back to where my real passion for food comes from. I opened a Pasta Workshop in the heart of Florence and decided to share my love for pasta with whoever wants to come by!


Take a class with us and enjoy the art of making Pasta.


Is this class suitable for vegetarians?

Yes of course! The most famous pasta is Pasta al Pomodoro!
So we always have multiple vegetarian option each classes.

What is your cancellation policy?

Free cancellation until 1 week before the event. We are always up to find a solution with you.

Do you host your classes in English language?

Yes, our Classes are in English, we host people from all around the word to share with them our passion for food.

If your question is still not answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do I need to bring something?

No, we going to provide all the equipment you will need to attempt the class.

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