Wine Tasting with an Italian Sommelier

Expert local sommelier Matteo will guide you on a tour of Italy’s diverse wine producing regions, showcasing wines from little known vineyards that many struggle to find at home. Expect to leave with a deeper understanding of Italian wines and an educated palate!”

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Highlights of Wine Tasting with an italian Sommelier

Duration: 1:30 hours
Availability: Take a look at Bookings
Highlights: Wine Tasting with an Italian Sommelier
Language: English
Price: €50


We are going to discover the most unique and tasty Italian wines in just 5 glasses. First, we will introduce how to taste the wine and recognize its subtleties.Next, we will calibrate our senses to be able to better recognize different fragrances and flavors. You will smell different scents and flavors from a jar which include vanilla, dried fruits, tobacco, and berries. We will then guide you to find the same flavor in the glasses of wine.5 glasses from the most important regions in Italy will be tasted, with a special focus on Tuscan wines.All wines are matched with complimenting cheeses and bruschetta to better understand how to pair food and wine.We will deeply describe each sample and guide you to the most unique wine makers of Italy.This will be an amazing Italian wine tour in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Matteo would be your italian wine tour guide. I was born in a small village in the Chiantishire in 1990, not so far from Florence. Since I was a kid I had always the desire to become a sommelier and spread out the word of my land and its wine cultures around the world. I got my degree in 2015 in agriculture and this opportunity give me the chance not only to understand the importance of my territory but also how rare and unique we are. Talking about wine would be not only enjoying a moment of happiness but also better understand all the steps behind a single bottle of wine produced.Let’s start together this amazing journey and salute!

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