Ragù di Calamari

Timing – 1.00h
Difficult – Medium

For the Sauce:

–  250g Squids
–  1 Carrot
–  2 Celery Sticks
 ½ Onion
–  150g Fresh Pachino Tomatoes
–  200ml White Whine
–  1 Stem of Dill
–  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
–  A handful of Parsley
–  Chili to taste


Wash the squids under the water. To clean them, separate the heads from the rest of the mantle, then gently remove the innards and the cuttlebone. Now cut off the tentacles from the heads to remove the beak (this should come out quite easy). Chop the squids into pieces of similar size and put them aside. Mince dill and parsley and cut the tomatoes in half.

On a chopping board dice carrot, celery, and onion to create the base for your “Soffritto”. Put a frying pan on medium heat with a generous quantity of olive oil, then add your celery/carrots/onion when the oil starts to sizzle. Once the vegetables have reached a brownish colour you can add the squids. Let them sear for a couple of minutes before adding the tomatoes. Now you can pour the wine into the frying pan. Make some of the liquid evaporate before adding the herbs. Adjust with chili, salt, and pepper to taste. Let the sauce cook and reduce for 20/30 minutes until the squids return tender. Be patient, it’ll be worth it!


DSC06806 min scaled