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Clams are so special in flavor. They have unique taste, perfect to combine with Pasta, fresh or dried doesn't really matter.
I really remember the argue between my family. This dish it was a must and everyone new how to make the best. There is who’s using lemon and who's not, who’s like parsley and who's like basil, but anyway when this recipe is made with love is just amazing.
In a fancy restaurant you will never have the opportunity to suck the shell of the clam: “uuiuhshuuhshhh aaaaa soo good.”
They will clean all the clams for you, your pasta it will look like pasta and olive oil with few black things inside…what a sadness.
The real pasta with clams is coming from sea wolf, so enjoy the recipe


Feel up a pot with water and bring it to boil, then add rock salt.
Make sure you have all the ingredients ready before you start making the sauce.
Preparing this sauce is really quickly and can be really easy if you are set up properly, for this reason you will need all the ingredients next to you.
Now that you have everything ready heat up a large pot.
Maximum heat, add the Extra Vergine Olive Oil and then add the garlic and chilly.
Sweat everything for a 30-60 seconds and then add the clams in to the pot (it’s going to make a strong sound and some smoke, this is what we looking for) after a minute add the white wine and a crack of black pepper, close everything with the leads.
Now the clams are cooking and the wine is evaporating slowly. Keep the leads on, the steam inside the pot is what is going to open the clams quickly. After 1 minute, with the lead on, give a stir to the pan.
In maximum 2/3 minutes the clams are gonna be open, you can check with opening the lead and have a look. As soon as the clams are open you can switch off the fire and start to pick all the clams out from the pot, you should have some liquid remained, this liquid is full of flavor and is the knock out of your dish, so take care of it….and don’t trow it away please :)
Leave the clams in a bowl and then cover them with clim-film. This is going to keep the clams moist.
Now you can cook your pasta in the water.
When the pasta is going to be 80% cook (Example: 10 minutes cooking time - 8 minutes in the water) drain the pasta in the clams sauce and turn the heat on maximum. Now you can add the rest of the ingredients.
Keep staring the pasta, this process it’s call “ MANTECARE” and is help you to make the sauce creamy, when the sauce is reduce you can switch off.


-180g of Spaghetti Chitarra

-500g of Clams

-40ml White wine

-Garlic (finally chopped)



-Parsley (finally chopped)

-Chilly (finally chopped)

-Lemon Zest

-Olive OilLeave the clams in a bowl and then cover them with clim-film. This is going to keep the clams moist.

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