Extra Vergin Olive Oil Montigiani


Structured and full-bodied on the palate, the robust character gives the nose vegetal hints of freshly cut grass. Bitter and spicy, two extreme notes that come together in an unprecedented combination.

It is obtained from still green olives, first pressing, harvested from Moraiolo and Frantoio cultivars. The selection is ideal for those looking for a strong character in the taste of the oil. It received the Japan Olive Oil Prize for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021), establishing itself as Best in Class in the blend category. In Italy he is awarded among the Italian Excellences of 2020 and AIPO D’Argento of 2018.

Our advice: decisive is the perfect dress for his majesty’s condiment, bruschetta. The contribution on meat tartare, grilled steaks and boiled meats is special.

250 ml


The Deciso extra virgin olive oil from the Montigiani company is a perfect condiment to give a unique touch to both simple and structured dishes.