Why are they called pici?

The name probably derives from the gesture made with the palm of the hand to make the dough take the typical shape of the picio, which in Tuscan culinary jargon is the verb “appiciare”.

Originating from southern Tuscany, in particular from the Val d’Orcia, the Val di Chiana, Monte Amiata and the Province of Arezzo.
How to prepare pici?

Thanks to their versatility, there are numerous condiments to combine with Tuscan pici, from the most traditional to the most original. Among the most classic combinations is the garlic sauce, made of tomato and garlic, that is, a variant of garlic.

Alternatively, you can try cooking the pici with crumbs, that is, with breadcrumbs, oil, garlic and chili pepper to taste. Or even the pici cacio e pepe!

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Tuscan pici are a type of fresh, handmade pasta typical of Tuscan cuisine.

Similar to spaghetti but larger, they are prepared only with water, flour and oil.