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How to prepare pasta fredda?

As sunny days arrive, the desire for hot dishes decreases and the desire to be outdoors increases.Pasta fredda (cold pasta) is the ideal dish to bring flavor, color, and lightness to the table. It is also versatile, it lends itself to many variations in taste and can adapt to all occasions, more or less informal. Depending on your preferences, it…

Let’s talk about strength of flours

What is it and how does it influence the success of the dough?Thanks to the values labeled on the packaging or on the flour card next to the (W), it is very easy for you to recognize a strong flour from a weak one. The values ​​vary from 130-150 for weak flours to 500 for very strong flours. What is…

How to make Pasta aglio olio e peperoncino

The ultimate quick and easy meal: Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino.Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (spaghetti with garlic, oil, and chili peppers) is the quintessential quick and easy pasta dish that is synonymous with conviviality wherever you go.With just four quality ingredients and a few minutes of your time, you can have one of the most famous and beloved first…

Pappardelle with wild boar ragù: recipe

Pappardelle with wild boar ragù are part of the culinary tradition of the Tuscan Maremma:
flavorful and appetizing, they encapsulate the authentic taste of the past.
Compared to the classic Bolognese ragù, wild boar ragù has a more distinct and peculiar
note, thanks to its slightly wild taste.

What types of fresh pasta are there?

According to the census of the Italian Food Union, there are about 300 formats produced and consumed in Italy: some common to several territories, perhaps with different names, others specific to a particular area.

The recipe to make homemade Pici all’ Aglione

Pici all’aglione is a traditional peasant dish, originally from the Val di Chiana, which combines two great elements of Tuscan cuisine.It’s an iconic first course of Tuscan cuisine, known for their simplicity and their strong flavour. Pici are a type of pasta typical of central Italy, they are a sort of spaghetti, thicker and rustic, which are prepared by hand…

Our tips to make your own Trofie pasta

Trofie are a type of fresh pasta typical of the Ligurian tradition, ideal to be paired with the classic Genovese pesto. For their homemade preparation, only three ingredients are needed: durum wheat semolina, water, and salt. Once a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained, small pieces of dough are taken and allowed to slide along the palm of the hand.…

What type of pasta is garganelli

It happens that the best things are born as solutions, the result of an unexpected setback. The most picturesque legend, among the many that tell the birth of the Garganelli family, tells the story of the ingenious cook of a famous Cardinal.

Cooking pasta without boiling it: yes it’s possible!

Cooking pasta with the heat off: what it is and why it could save you money!

Also called passive cooking, cooking pasta with the heat off it is a technique that is discussed cyclically because it is linked to the possibility of reducing gas or electricity costs.

How to cook pasta like an Italian

Cooking pasta to perfection is a technique that requires attention and allows no room for mistakes: we share with you our tips!

Recipe for Christmas: le crespelle

Crespelle (crepes) are at their best when baked, creating a first course with incredible flavor. Let’s see how to make them!

How to make classic pasta with tomato sauce: the secrets

How to make the best classic pasta with tomato sauce? Well, you need the perfect tomato sauce. Here’s our tips.

Italian tradition: which dishes do they eat during Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities and Italian tradition: let’s discover together which dishes are more common in Italy.

Recipe: how to make classic Lasagne

Are you looking for a traditional recipe for making the Italian Lasagne? Follow our instructions and you will become a master.

Ravioli: one format and so many names

Ravioli is a traditional stuffed pasta that you can find all over Italy, but it comes with different names. Let’s find out!

Cooking classes in Tuscany, discovering the recipes of tradition

Are you looking for cooking classes in Tuscany that will reveal traditional secrets and teach you real recipes? You’ve found it!

Cooking pasta: 5 mistakes you should never make

Cooking pasta is a critically important but often underestimated step. Here are 5 common mistakes not to make!

A fresh pasta making class to learn the secrets of Italian tradition

During our fresh pasta making class you will learn traditional techniques and little secrets you won’t find in cookbooks! Let’s get started!

3 classic Italian spaghetti dishes

They are the most eaten pasta shape in the world, but what are the perfect sauces for them? Here are 3 classic Italian spaghetti dishes.

Cooking classes in Florence: 3 questions to ask yourself

Are you looking for cooking classes in Florence and don’t know how to choose? Here are three tips for finding the perfect class for you!

5 authentic Italian pasta recipes, from North to South

Here are 5 authentic Italian pasta recipes. Each one has a story to tell linked to its territory of origin. Let’s discover them!

Ragù di Calamari

Timing – 1.00h  |  Difficulty: Medium

Tortelli “alla Norma”

Timing – 1.30h  |  Difficulty: Medium

Tagliatelle with Puttanesca sauce

Timing – 1.00h  |  Difficulty: Medium

Tagliolini & Truffle

Timing – 1.00h | Difficulty: Easy

Tortellini in Brodo

Timing – 1.30h | Difficulty: Medium

Tomato & Mozzarella

Timing – 1.30h | Difficulty: Easy

Pasta dough – The classic recipe

Timing – 10 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

Ricotta & Lemon Filling

Timing – 10 minutes | Difficulty -Easy

Carbonara Sauce

Timing – 20 minutes | Difficulty – Medium

Pesto Sauce

Timing – 30 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

Bolognese Sauce

Timing – 4.00h | Difficult – Medium-Hard