A fresh pasta making class to learn the secrets of Italian tradition

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into a hands-on experience?

Our fresh pasta making class is a real culinary journey that will take you on a journey to discover the secrets of Italian culinary tradition.

We will guide you through the fascinating process of making pasta and cooking it, from selecting the finest ingredients to the final creation of mouthwatering pasta dishes.

You’ll be immersed in an unforgettable gastronomic adventure you will remember forever.

Why fresh pasta?

When we talk about “fresh pasta,” we refer to a type of Italian pasta made with simple ingredients: wheat flour and eggs. Fresh pasta is prepared and consumed without being dried or subjected to long preservation processes like dry pasta, the kind we commonly find in stores.

The main difference between fresh and dry pasta is the moisture content. Fresh pasta contains a significant amount of water because of the use of fresh eggs in its preparation, which gives it a delicate flavor and a soft, velvety texture after cooking. Dry pasta, on the other hand, is made only with flour and water, so it has a harder texture and cooks differently.

Fresh pasta can be made in various shapes and forms, such as tagliatelle, lasagna, fettuccine, ravioli and many others. The magic of fresh pasta lies in its versatility and the ability to create customized dishes by combining it with a wide range of sauces.

Because fresh pasta contains eggs, it is important to store it properly and consume it within a short period of time, usually within a few days. Fresh pasta can be a rewarding culinary experience, as preparing it by hand requires some practice, but the result is a real treat for the palate. It is a beloved Italian tradition all over the world and offers a unique taste experience.

Try our fresh pasta making class

The course begins with an introduction to the essential ingredients: flour, eggs and a pinch of magic! You will learn how to combine them in perfect harmony, gradually forming a smooth, silky dough that is the basis of exceptional pasta. Experience the satisfaction of kneading and kneading the dough to the ideal consistency, just like a true Italian grandmother.

Once the dough is ready, the real fun begins with exploring various pasta shapes. The delicate art of forming tagliatelle, the reassuring embrace of tortellini or the elegance of farfalle: each shape has a story to tell.

As the pasta takes shape, the appetizing aromas of Italian cuisine will surround you. We will reveal insider tips on how to pair pasta with the perfect sauces.

You will discover the secrets of ancient recipes, passed down from generation to generation, and appreciate the importance of using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

The joy of cooking is best experienced together, so you will share laughter and fun with your fellow adventurers. 

The fresh pasta making class is about to end.

And finally, the moment arrives: a table adorned with a feast of your own handmade pasta dishes. With a glass of fine Italian wine in hand, you’ll taste the fruits of your labor. The satisfaction of crafting something so authentically Italian with your own hands is unparalleled.

Come join us and take home not just new skills, but a piece of Italian culture and tradition.

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