Cooking classes in Florence: 3 questions to ask yourself

Florence is a city that holds cultural, artistic and… gastronomic treasures! I’m not just talking about eating the typical dishes but also about learning something about the Italian culinary tradition, literally putting your hands in the dough. There are many cooking classes in Florence that allow you to discover some typical recipes and have a fun experience with friends. And there are so many, that choosing is not easy!

In this article I will tell you three questions to ask yourself to choose among the many cooking classes in Florence and find the perfect one for you.

How to choose among all the cooking classes in Florence?

  1. What do you want to learn?

The first thing to ask yourself is what you really want to get out of the cooking classes in Florence that you will take. 

Are you interested in discovering the Italian culinary tradition in general, or do you want to learn something specific? In the latter case, it is better to opt for a cooking class dedicated to a particular preparation. This way you will know that you will find teachers who are really competent in a specific processing: for example, our course is dedicated to fresh pasta, the symbol of Italian cuisine in the world!

  1. How much time do you have?

If you are looking for cooking classes in Florence, you are probably on vacation or studying in this beautiful city. Therefore, evaluate your available time.

If you’ll be in Florence for only a few days, it’s best to opt for a cooking class that has a limited duration so you can integrate the experience into your travel schedule. For example, our course is 3 hours long, so that you can easily plan the rest of your vacation.

  1. Where does the course take place?

Another important aspect to consider is logistics! 

If you have a hotel or accommodation in the center of Florence, it is convenient to find a cooking course that is easily reachable on foot. Avoid choosing a location that is far away unless you have plenty of days available. Furthermore, attending a cooking course surrounded by the beauty of Florence’s historic center is a truly captivating experience.

Try our cooking class in the center of Florence

We specialize in cooking classes in Florence dedicated to making fresh pasta. I will teach you how to make perfect egg noodles, ravioli and other typical Italian pasta shapes.

You will also learn how to make delicious typical pasta sauces: pomodoro, amatriciana and many other amazing sauces for our fresh pasta.

The course is held in our workshop in downtown Florence and lasts about 3 hours. And to end on a high note, at the end of the class, we will all eat together what we have cooked!

Book your cooking class in Florence now!