Pesto Sauce

Timing – 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy


– 300g Basil leaf
– 30g Parmigiano Reggiano
– ½ Garlic Clove
– 100ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 80g Pine Nuts

Pesto is an authentic Italian recipe, the main ingredient is basil. If you think about Italy you will think about pesto and this recipe tastes like Italian summer. This sauce is mostly use to match pasta, but is common also with bruschetta, in a “focaccia”, in a pizza and so on… Coming from Genova, Pesto became popular around the world, everyone loves it. If you ever been in Genova you know what I’m talking about, is impossible to dislike fresh home made pesto. Pesto means Pestle, usually made from a mortar. Is a hard work, be ready to sweat and feel pain in your arm. Ok, I know… you lazy! So prepare your hand blender and I will explain you a short cut to make an amazing pesto.


Pick the basil leaves and place them on a side.Bring a pot of water boil with a pinch of salt in it.Bring the water to boil.Prepare an ice bath to cool down the basil leaves and to keep the chlorophyll in the leaves.Boil the basils for 10 second and transfer them to the ice bath.Squeeze them as soon as they are cold.Place on a side.In. the hand blander glass add basil leaves, oil, a pinch of rock salt , half clove of garlic. Give a first blend until it becomes a pure.Add your pine nuts and blend again on a low speed.This point you can transfer the pesto mix in a mixing bowl.Add your parmesan and mix with the spoon.